A diesel particulate filter (DPF)

A diesel particulate filter (DPF) has the job of controlling the diesel car's emissions. The job of the diesel particle filter is to capture particulate matter (soot) from the car's exhaust emissions.

In order for particle filters to function properly, DPF must be checked and cleaned regularly. Most cars have an automatic regeneration, which means that the system is burnt clean at extremely high temperatures, which will normally result in white smoke from the car's exhaust.

However, if regeneration fails, soot build-up will affect car performance and potentially cause a number of dangerous and costly vehicle problems. Unsuccessful regeneration is most often associated with vehicles used for "small-run" and do not have emergency time to get sufficient hot engine, exhaust temperament and regeneration run time.

If your vehicle is struggling with a dense particle filter, warning light / engine light / DPF lamp may flash or light in the dashboard. Please do not ignore this - it can quickly be expensive with extra costs!

What one can do:

# DPF Regeneration: We can help you start a full DPF regeneration process using our advanced diagnostic tool.

# DPF Replacement: If the DPF is so full that it cannot be repaired, we can replace the Diesel Particle Filter with a replacement pipe or remove the inside of the filter and disconnect the system in the engine control unit - usually at a fraction of the retailer's cost.

# DPF cleaning: we offer a complete DPF cleaning service. Where we rinse and clean the car's particle filter. this is done with special tools and special cleaning fluid for cleaning particulate filter, combined with this we also clean the injection nozzles which help the particle filter to start the regeneration process at a lower temperature and to burn DPF more completely.

# DPF- Programming: If you have spring-loaded the DPF core from the vehicle itself, we can reprogram the car's ECU to turn off the vehicle's particulate filter system so that any warning lights for this do not appear.


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