Chiptuning ECO

Perfect for delivering improved fuel economy in turbodiesel engines. Our Chiptuning Eco Software improves the torque limits on your engine for better performance and economy at lower speeds. When you go up to higher speeds, the software will make the power feel the best at lower speeds, which will cause you to enter the next gear and ensure that the engine always runs within its optimal power register. Our Eco Chiptuning is often chosen by, Transport companies and commercial vehicles, as these small fuel economy adjustments can have a significant impact on the company's bottom line.

Chiptuning Stage 1 (OUR RECOMMENDATION)

It is our best combination of power and fuel economy, and is probably because this is the most popular choice. Here we remove certain restrictions in the engine software, and allow for the car's potential in terms of power and torque. We adjust the engine parameters related to Turbo pressure, injection time / ignition time, burning time and cylinder pressure to provide a much more comfortable driving experience with more power, and better fuel economy.

Our Chiptuning Stage 1 is still our best-selling Chiptuning alternative, providing the best balance between power and fuel economy.

Chiptuning Stage 2

What hides under the hood? With our Performance Tuning we find the vehicle's real potential. Here we adapt the ECU's parameters according to the information you provide us. Extra power and torque in focus so you can experience optimized acceleration and torque or simply enjoy a greatly improved driving experience every single day. Our Chiptuning Stage 2 Performance Tuning is suitable for both petrol and diesel cars that want maximum power. This often requires removal of particle filters, upgraded exhaust systems or other modifications.


Sendte melding til Vestfold chiptuning i dag søndag klokka 16:00. Sa jeg skulle på ferie i morgen, jeg ville ha chippet bilen før ferien de ringte meg tilbake etter Max 30 minutter. Avtalte møte på Hof møtte en hyggelig kar der, klokken 19:30 var bilen chippet maken til service skal man leite lenge etter terningkast 6 til disse gutta. FIKK VANVITTIG UTBYTTE AV DETTE PÅ MIN 2013 FORD FOCUS 140HK AUTOMAT

Lars Erik Knudsen

July 03 at 23:07
Lars Erik Knudsen

Svarer plutselig ikke lenger på meldinger

Kim Alexander Bjerke

January 10 at 20:51
Kim Alexander Bjerke