All good service-based companies need a checklist to ensure they consistently offer their customers the very best. Since day 1 we have worked hard to be:


We don't make promises we can't keep, and we use only safe and reliable tools.


We have lifetime warranty on our software


Our engineers / dealers have been through our training programs so they can perform tuning jobs in a professional manner.


We are not the ones who inflates out power numbers and "boast" of results we cannot achieve. If we say that we can increase a car with 40% power, then we are able to increase the car with 40% power! on another side, we do not take on jobs where we are unable to improve the car's performance significantly, so we will agree not to do the work. As a customer, you should drive from us with the impression that the money you spent on your car is worth every penny.


Our service levels and skills are hard to beat - we are pretty sure no other business can do what we can.


We use custom software developed for each car by skilled experts, according to the unique characteristics of each vehicle.


We have a guarantee on the job we do and our money-back policy means you will never get the feeling of not getting what you pay for.


VESTFOLD CHIPTUNING NORWAY was founded on these principles, we take great pride in the work we do. Unlike many of our competitors, all the software we use is tailor-made for each car and its qualities. Every single upgrade we make is done by a skilled, qualified and skilled technician so you can be sure of a reliable and efficient upgrade of your car. With our satisfied guarantee, you can be sure that you get the job done by the best. When choosing VESTFOLD CHIPTUNING NORWAY to improve the car's potential together with our decades of expertise that very few companies can match. Then you are sure you have made the right choice for Chiptuning your car.

Best regards,
Vestfold Chiptuning NORWAY


Veldig fårnøyd med nermere 50 hk mere i min Audi a6. Tusen takk 😁

Tommy Helgesen

October 26 at 19:17
Tommy Helgesen

Sendte melding til Vestfold chiptuning i dag søndag klokka 16:00. Sa jeg skulle på ferie i morgen, jeg ville ha chippet bilen før ferien de ringte meg tilbake etter Max 30 minutter. Avtalte møte på Hof møtte en hyggelig kar der, klokken 19:30 var bilen chippet maken til service skal man leite lenge etter terningkast 6 til disse gutta. FIKK VANVITTIG UTBYTTE AV DETTE PÅ MIN 2013 FORD FOCUS 140HK AUTOMAT

Lars Erik Knudsen

July 03 at 23:07
Lars Erik Knudsen

Utrolig godt arbeid med sykt bra kvalitet. Ska dere ha chip så er dette stede å anbefale. Verdt å ta turen og Altid en hyggelig samtale med de ansatte. Utrolig fornøyd stå på vidre :):):)

Sebastian Bergan

June 05 at 20:39
Sebastian Bergan