Warranty terms for our services

We provide a 3 year warranty on trimming of the control centers that are changed by us regardless of the age of the vehicle.

We provide no guarantee of consequential damage to the driveline and the engine of abnormal usage, vehicle accident, customer actions and/or extreme environmental conditions, did not follow the service interval, type of wrong fuel or manipulation with the vehicle is control system after we have reprogrammed the car.

It is also not allowed to copy or share the software with other car owners.

But we claim that all our dry steps 1, 2, 3 tunings can withstand the change that followed our recommendations.

Change and information to the car owner of tuning:

The change is not in accordance with the company's data, factory warranty can be charged. The change enables increased torque and / or power. Consequential injuries that may occur due to faults. Change is not covered by standard workshop warranty. The fee status can be changed and it is the car owner's responsibility to notify the insurance company or the customs service / the state's roads. Change may trigger additional tax and change of type approval.


topp service de hvet hva de driver med.veldig hyggelige mennesker å imøtekommende. Kommer definitivt til å bruke dere seinere til både det en og det andre :) anbefales på det sterkeste ��terningkast seks��

Hans Einar Elnes

November 04 at 15:53
Hans Einar Elnes

Utrolig rask respons på mail, fikk time samme dag og de ordnet opp. Bilen utrolig mye bedre, hjemturen gikk over all forventning.. Takk for all hjelp, da kan helga bare komme :P

Bjørn Sigve Bilstad

January 04 at 14:56
Bjørn Sigve Bilstad

Hadde bilen hos disse gutta idag , BMW 525 DA, ble veldig fornøyd med resultatet :-) Tommel opp :-) Masse krefter!!!!

Lasse Berggren

April 28 at 16:15
Lasse Berggren